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My first book  is about me and my journey from Fashion to Fitness Industry. As a bit of a giveaway from the title ‘From Bulimic to Fitness Model’ My primal target is women. Who are clever enough but getting tired of what society tell us to do or to be, tired of fake standard looking of Fashion magazines, that even cover models don’t recognise themselves on it.
Women who want to learn  how to love and appreciate themselves the way they are, and that’s how they can make improvements to their body, accepting and loving every imperfection. Because we all unique and beautiful.
I’ve started to receive  a request from men as well as they have young daughters.
We all know about carbs, fats and proteins and that eat clean and healthy is good for us, so then why and why still so many people are having unhealthy behavior with food, especially young generation.
Negative body image and self belief are so common for both males and females nowadays. They want to be thin like top models from cover magazines, they want to be unrealistically shredded like fitness models from Instagram. They are keeping information from here and there and ready to do everything in order to get a little closer to that artificial body’s standard, but as a result they’ve got affected by Eating Disorders such as Bulimia Nervosa, Anorexia and Binge Eating.

I’d like to raise this important topic because I was one of them.

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